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Web content strategy: a formidable tools for traffic acquisition

Having a website is good and having an associated web content strategy is better!

Is the creation of a site part of your solutions to promote your activity? So you need to put in place a good web content strategy.

There are many advantages of this technique, namely:

  • the development of the notoriety of your brand ,
  • Improving your site with our best SEO services.

Find out how to make this strategy a formidable weapon for traffic acquisition.

Definition of the web content strategy

Also known as “editorial strategy”, web content strategy defines a technique based on the creation and distribution of content. These can be:

  • texts,
  • white papers,
  • or videos,
  • or pictures,
  • And also infographics etc.

The list is long.

The web content strategy represents a real lever to propel your website in the SERPs of a search engine. This makes it an essential way to acquire a large volume of traffic.

Thanks to this technique, you ensure the consistency of your media such as:

  • social networks,
  • webpages,
  • Videos, etc.

💡 to be effective, setting up an editorial strategy requires an upstream study.

How to set up a content strategy to get traffic?

For your web content strategy to generate traffic, there are steps to follow. Here are the most essential:

1 Set goals

The implementation of a web content strategy depends on the objectives targeted.

Make sure it helps you make the most of the sale. And this is only possible with a good rate of traffic on your commercial site.

The purposes of a web content strategy are multiple, namely:

  • have an excellent natural referencing ,
  • develop brand awareness,
  • seduce prospects,
  • customer loyalty,
  • Improve traffic…

No matter what your goals are, your web content strategy should always aim to improve your site’s visibility. Remember that acquiring traffic means attracting a lot of prospects.

2 Define the persona

Persona refers to the group of people you are targeting to visit your site. In other words, these are your ideal customers.

  1. Who needs your products or services?
  2. Is your target gendered (male or female)?
  3. What age group (young adults, adults, etc.)?
  4. Workers or unemployed? Executives or mere employees?

And so on. The answers to these questions will give your ideas about the ideal persona.

To know the needs of Internet users, use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. This helps you define the persona more precisely.

3 List the media to use for your web content strategy

We would like to specify above all that each medium targets a target audience with a specific communication objective.

The tone and style used should match this audience. Several alternatives are at your disposal to name only:

  • The website. It is a company site, an e-commerce site or a showcase site. This support gives the maximum of information concerning your offers to Internet users.
  • The blog. This is the way to publish content with added value. Use it to stream text content, videos, photos, and more. Visitors have the privilege of interacting through comments or shares.
  • Social networks. We are talking here about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many others. Choose them based on your goals and your ideal persona. This is the best solution for communicating directly with your audiences.
  • LinkedIn is a reliable platform if you are targeting professionals.

4 Deploy the web content strategy

Finally comes the deployment of your web content strategy. Adopting a very specific editorial calendar is essential to ensure the relevance of content. When it comes to news, post up-to-date information.

💡 carefully monitor the quality of your posts.

Continuous improvement of your web content strategy is necessary to promote traffic acquisition. Once again, Google Analytics is an excellent alternative for knowing the impacts of your publications. If necessary, we can accompany you!

Improve your SEO with net linking

Net linking is one of the key vectors to use to optimize the SEO of a site, whether it is a showcase site or an e-commerce site.

SEOs must therefore adopt good net linking practices to obtain the maximum number of quality backlinks while avoiding search engine penalties. But SEO is not just about collecting external links.

💡The quality of the content of the page to be referenced, the link anchors, the internal mesh and the technical aspect of the site are among other criteria to be taken into account to take full advantage of the benefits of net linking for your natural referencing.

Writing guest articles (Guest Blogging)

Guest Blogging or creation of guest articles is potentially very beneficial seo for photographers.

This involves contacting a site with a reputation that of an influencer for example, and offering to create content that will be published on your site. The content produced must contain a link to their website and you will do the same on theirs. It’s a win-win partnership, but for it to really pay off, the two sites must address complementary or at least similar themes.

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