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ScrapingAnt: What Does It Do and Who Are Its Users?

In order to scrape content, ScrapingAnt provides a web scraping infrastructure which provides a custom API with which to extract data and a headless browsing service that tells you when to scrape and how to scrape. As a consequence of the program scrapingant.com, users are able to pass customised cookies and perform actions under the control of an approved account. Additionally, it is possible to render JavaScript using headless chrome using this application. A number of companies across a broad range of industries that rely heavily on data use ScrappingAnt to scrape information from the web. 

ScrapingAnt use cases

Using this best-in-class web scraping software, you will be able to set up web scraping tools that can achieve a wide variety of business tasks, including the following:

1. Extraction of general data

As a general purpose scraping application, ScrapingAnt can be used for a wide range of web scraping tasks without getting blocked. As part of their marketing strategy, companies use this tool to extract various types of data, in order to make well-informed decisions regarding marketing, product offers, pricing strategies, and other aspects of their business. 

Specifically, users of ScrapingAnt utilise the functionality of the service to meet their needs in the following directions: smart real estate and NFT decisions, sneaker price data collection for freelancers, web scraping for freelancers, the improvement of HR processes, and a wide range of other tasks.

2. Monitoring of prices

Through the use of in-depth market research, ScrapingAnt helps businesses gain an edge on their competitors. Firms can use the service to scrap product prices and see what the best deal is for their products. 

Using the scraped data, businesses are able to come up with better offers that can increase the profits of their business. Additionally, price monitoring can also be used to help companies understand their customers’ purchasing habits so that they can set competitive prices in order to attract the same customers as their competitors. 

3. Scratching the odds

As a betting company, it is imperative that it constantly monitors the market odds in order to remain competitive. A large proxy pool is provided by ScrappingAnt, which allows companies to monitor their competitors without being blocked by their own proxy servers. 

 A fantastic choice because of its features

Cookies that are customised

A cookie is a small piece of information that a server creates when you visit a website, such as your user-agent information, how long you spent on a page, and how many pages you visited.

The server hosting a website establishes a session between a user and the website when he or she connects to scrape data from it. For every request, ScrapingAnt establishes multiple sessions via proxies to help users scrape session data. 

By doing this, it gives users the ability to scrape data in parallel, and it gives the impression that the target website is receiving organic traffic from you. 

Avoiding captchas

In order to determine whether their website generates real traffic, website owners use captcha tests to distinguish between computers and humans. The website usually triggers captchas when it detects behaviour similar to a bot. 

By rotating proxies every time a request is sent to a target website, ScrappingAnt enables users to avoid captchas. For each request made by the user, the proxy’s IP address appears instead of the user’s, making it difficult to determine a user’s IP footprint. 

Browser without a head

There is no user interface on a headless browser. The rendering of websites in a headless browser is the same as that in a normal browser. As web scraping can be performed quickly with headless browsers, they are ideal for the task. 

By opening target websites and querying back all relevant results, ScrapingAnt scrapes data from headless Chrome automatically and optimally. 

Rendering in JavaScript

Scraping data from JavaScript-based websites is complex since regular request packages will return no results. With ScrapingAnt, you can extract data from websites built with JS frameworks using a dedicated API that overcomes blockings like JS rendering.

Proxy rotation

Web scrapers are protected from getting blocked by target websites by rotating proxies. The rotating proxies provided by ScrapingAnt enable users to use IP addresses from a variety of locations worldwide. As a result, you will be protected from being banned and from being monitored by a web server. 

Amazon’s fastest web services

In addition to being one of the world’s largest eCommerce sites, Amazon also provides an extensive database of market trends, product reviews, and product information. It helps users extract Amazon data like availability, reviews, and price by handling CAPTCHAs, browsers, and proxies. 

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