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ProwlerPro Becomes a Member of the AWS Amazon Partner Network

ProwlerPro, a highly regarded and widely adopted cloud platform designed for security professionals, is pleased to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network (APN). Following a rigorous evaluation process by AWS, ProwlerPro has been certified as an enterprise-ready product, solidifying its position as the most comprehensive and user-friendly AWS security scan tool. Alongside its registration as an APN partner, ProwlerPro has also unveiled the official release of multi-account support for AWS.

The introduction of AWS Multi-Account support further enhances the already industry-leading suite of security features offered by ProwlerPro. This development by empowers security professionals with a seamless tool that seamlessly operates across AWS accounts, granting them enhanced visibility and control over their cloud environments. With this enterprise-grade feature, users can automate the process of discovering, analyzing, and comprehending the security posture of their entire cloud deployment, encompassing security assessments, incident responses, and automated checks for hardening and penetration testing.

In the words of Toni de la Fuente, lead of ProwlerPro and creator of Prowler Open Source

“We could not be more excited to announce our membership in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network and the launch of the AWS Multi-Account Support feature. Our goal at ProwlerPro is to give cloud security professionals tools to ensure their systems remain secure and reliable, with all threats detected and traced in an easy-to-understand, streamlined solution. Our acceptance in the AWS Amazon Partner Program is an endorsement of the work we’ve done to date, and will allow us to offer more features, products, and community services that enhance what was already a best-in-class product on the market.”

The APN serves as a global community of AWS Partners who leverage programs, expertise, and resources to create, market, and sell customer-oriented solutions. As a member of the APN, ProwlerPro joins a network of 100,000 partners from over 150 countries, collaborating with AWS to deliver innovative solutions, overcome technical challenges, secure deals, and provide mutual value to customers.

The CEO of Verica, Casey Rosenthal, is of the view that

“ProwlerPro’s advanced threat detection capabilities and dedication to cloud security are unparalleled. The inclusion of ProwlerPro in APN, and the launch of the AWS Multi-Account support is a validation of the platform’s momentum, and we are excited to leverage that momentum to bring security to more cloud environments every day.”

About ProwlerPro:

ProwlerPro is a robust platform that streamlines and reinforces AWS security. Built on the foundation of the Prowler Open Source tool, ProwlerPro offers modern SaaS organizations a wide range of benefits, including continuous monitoring, faster execution, personalized support, and customizable dashboards that facilitate clear data visualization. For more information, please visit www.prowler.pro.

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