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Microsoft and AiFi Collaborate on Smart Store Analytics: A Revolutionary Tracking System for Cashierless Retail Outlets”


Microsoft and AiFi have partnered up to launch Smart Store Analytics, a revolutionary tracking system for cashierless retail outlets. This system will provide retailers with valuable insights into customer behavior and improve the overall shopping experience. The partnership aims to help retailers take advantage of the growing trend of cashierless retail.

How it works

Smart Store Analytics uses AiFi’s proprietary technology, which includes computer vision and machine learning, to accurately track customers and items as they move through a store. This data is then analyzed by Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to provide retailers with detailed information about customer behavior. Such as how long customers spend in different areas of the store, which products are most popular and even track sales data.

Real-Time Data

The tracking system is also integrated with point-of-sale systems, enabling retailers to track sales data and customer behavior in real-time. This allows retailers to quickly identify patterns and make adjustments to their store layouts and product offerings to optimize customer engagement and sales.

Streamline checkout process

Allowing customers to scan an app or card upon entering the store and pay for their items at the end of the shopping experience. This removes the need for customers to wait in long checkout lines, improving the overall shopping experience.

Subscription service

Providing them with valuable insights into customer behavior that can help them optimize their store layouts, product offerings and overall customer experience.

Microsoft and AiFi Collaborate
Microsoft and AiFi Collaborate


The retail industry is undergoing a major shift, with more and more retailers turning to cashierless technology to streamline the checkout process and improve the overall shopping experience. With this partnership, Microsoft and AiFi are positioning themselves at the forefront of this trend, providing retailers with the tools they need to stay competitive in the ever-changing retail landscape. It’s an innovative solution that will help retailers to optimize their sales, store layout, and ultimately the customer experience, while it also enables customers to have a faster and seamless shopping experience.

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