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Large Scale Paper Core Manufacturing

Large Scale Paper Core Manufacturing. Paper cores are also known as paper tubes, paper cans, or fiber tubes/drums. They feature paper or paperboard sheets wound into a strong, hollow, cylindrical shape. Paper core manufacturers produce custom paper cores for different applications. Uses include packaging, forming, construction, insulation, protection, and carrying.

What Is Large-Scale Paper Core Manufacturing?

Large-scale paper core manufacturing produces high volumes of paper cores for specific applications. Paper core manufacturers use special equipment to produce paper cores. Leading manufacturers can produce thousands of units within a few hours or days. Paper cores come in unique forms, including spools and reels, paper straws, yarn carriers, converter cores, and paper mill cores.

Manufacturers also produce cloth and floor covering cores, film cores, tape label cores, mailing and packaging tubes, and foil strapping cores. Core manufacturing plants feature a variety of machines. The process can also be automated to increase production efficiency. Businesses can order paper cores tailored to their needs.

How Are Large Scale Paper Cores Manufactured?

Paper cores are made using wound plies of paper, kraft paper, or paperboard. The core has three parts, which include the innermost ply, the line, and the outermost wrap. Manufacturers can use foil, film, or specialized paper for the wrap to provide water resistance or support printing and labeling. The paper layers are bonded using adhesives or laminated, and the wall thickness varies depending on the application.

Businesses can order two types of paper cores; spiral wound or convoluted/parallel wound. Spiral wound cores have the paper ply wrapped around the mandrel at an angle. Convoluted wound cores have the ply wrapped parallel or at a 90-degree angle on the axis. The winding mandrel can also be circular, oval, square, triangular, hexagonal, or other custom shape. Here’s an overview of the large-scale paper core manufacturing process:

  • The off-rotary slitting machine unwinds large rolls of paper and jumbo rolls and slits them into smaller plies.
  • The machine winds the narrow paper strips, plies them into rolls, and loads them onto an unwinder spindle.
  • As the narrow paper strips are coiled around a steel mandrel, the adhesive is spread onto them.
  • Inline printing and labeling units apply labeling wraps with printed graphics to the spiral paper tube in the inline process.
  • An inline cutter cuts the long spiral paper tube into shorter lengths. The tubes pass through an oven for curing or drying.
  • Offline printing and labeling units apply labeling wraps with printed graphics to the cut tubes in the offline process.
  • Tube finishing machines deburr, de-dust, polish, or skive the cores to create a smooth surface finish.
  • Manufacturers use plug insertion, capping, and flanging to form custom tube endings and capping.

How Do You Choose Paper Core Manufacturers?

When choosing a paper core partner, seek reliability, efficiency, sustainability, technology, and customization. A good manufacturer can provide quality paper cores customized for the application. Choose manufacturers that use quality paper/paperboard, adhesives, and liners. The final product’s length, wall thickness, and other specifications must also be accurate.

Seek manufacturers with efficient processes that reduce handling, re-cutting, and wastage. The goal is to get a linear foot per pound of paper and reduce costs. Seek companies that use sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint. Find manufacturers that can customize the tubes to meet your specific needs. Consider custom printing options, RFID identification/tracking, and more.

Learn More About Paper Core Manufacturing

Businesses that use paper cores usually order them in bulk due to their many applications. Companies can order custom paper cores featuring unique materials, strengths, shapes, and finishes. You can work with experienced paper core manufacturers that provide quality products. Bulk orders need the right manufacturing resources.

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