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Three advantages of booking conference rooms online

booking conference rooms online deskflex.com can be customised to work in any setting, whether it’s a public club, a university, or a library. As a meeting room manager, scheduler, and resource scheduling system, it’s one of the best on the market. Reserving equipment and space is easier with Deskflex integration. 

1. One place to book all your conference rooms

Meetings may be held a couple of times a day by employees, depending on their roles. The average number of meetings per week is 10. It can be difficult to keep track of these tasks when they pile up in employees’ calendars. This has been made easier with tools like Microsoft Teams. However, when meetings are scheduled alongside other calls or employee calendar blocks, this can become messy. Time blocks and labels can quickly clutter up the calendar.

There is no mess on the calendar with a conference room booking system. As a matter of fact, your meetings are listed by date of occurrence. This means that your upcoming meetings will be listed first. Your meetings are all in one place, which is a big advantage. Simply open the system to see your meeting schedule, no need to search through the calendar.

2. Mobile booking of conference rooms

Booking a meeting can be a hassle if you have to go to the conference room and check the board or find the excel sheet to see if it’s available. A meeting may require a quick decision, so choosing a conference room can be challenging with manual methods. It’s quite frustrating to walk to a conference room and see that it’s full, especially if your desk is on the other side of the building.

Conference room booking is made easier by using a conference room booking system. You can even book a conference room from your mobile phone using the right booking system. Employees can seamlessly book meeting rooms with Ronspot’s desktop and mobile apps in just a few clicks, so they don’t have to spend time looking for conference rooms. They simply check the system, identify which rooms are available, and book them immediately. Meetings can be created for all employees by inviting their attendees.

3. Depending on your needs, choose the right room

You need to choose a conference room that meets your needs when planning a meeting. In order to facilitate a video conference call, the conference room will need a projector/screen and the necessary AV connections. A whiteboard may also be needed if the room is to be used for group collaboration meetings. It is therefore necessary for employees to become familiar with the conference rooms and know what amenities they offer.

Large organisations, however, find it nearly impossible to do this. It is possible for an office building to have 15 different conference rooms. Employees should not be expected to memorise the amenities in each conference room.

Booking conference rooms online eliminates the need to memorise information. In lieu of this, employees can log into their system, view the conference rooms, and quickly see what amenities are available in each. A step further is taken by Ronspot. Employees can use search filters to find a conference room that meets their needs.

Using the app, an employee can search for a conference room with an ‘interactive whiteboard’ simply by adding the filter. Bookings and invitations can be made by employees directly from the system.

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