Refurbished PCs

Consider buying refurbished PCs from reputable sellers. These offer decent performance for basic gaming and can often be found at budget-friendly prices.

Secondhand Components

Scour online marketplaces for secondhand components like graphics cards, RAM, and storage. Building a PC with carefully chosen used parts can yield great results.

Lightweight Games

Opt for lightweight and older games that don't require high-end hardware. Indie titles and classics can provide enjoyable gaming experiences on a budget PC.

Upgrade Paths

Look for systems with upgrade potential. Start with a basic setup and gradually invest in better components as your budget allows for enhanced gaming performance.

Cloud Gaming Services

Explore cloud gaming services that allow you to play games remotely without requiring powerful hardware. These services often have free tiers or trial periods.

DIY Build

If you're tech-savvy, consider building your budget gaming PC using affordable components. Research guides and tutorials to ensure a successful build.