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VIDMATE APP – Download Vidmate APK (Official) Latest 2023

Best Video&Music Downloader

Vidmate Apk stands as the globally renowned multi-platform HD video, movie, and music downloader, converter, and an exceptional media player.

App NameVidmate APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size18.4 MB
Total Downloads100,0000+
FeaturesFree Video Downloads
Last update3 hours ago
VidMate app

About Vidmate APK

Vidmate Apk stands out as a widely recognized multi-platform HD video, movie, and music downloader, converter, and an exceptional media player. This versatile tool allows users to access a wide array of streaming sites, including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Vevo, and many more, all without any associated costs. Vidmate Apk empowers its users to stream movies, music, HD videos, and TV series in high-definition format on their Android devices without any financial burden.

When using Vidmate Apk, users can securely download unlimited videos and music from various platforms, all without intrusive watermarks. Moreover, these downloaded media files are available for offline enjoyment, even without an active internet connection. Vidmate Apk offers support for a variety of formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, WEBM, 360P, 720P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K.

An exceptional aspect of Vidmate Apk is its unique ability to not only download and view videos and music but also to enjoy TV shows, making it a standout feature of this application.

Vidmate Apk proves to be invaluable when you want to preserve a WhatsApp status that would otherwise disappear after a day. With Vidmate Apk, you can effortlessly save any status from your contacts on your Android device.

A prominent feature of Vidmate Apk is its capacity to download high-quality music videos and convert them into MP3 format. Users can savor these downloaded videos offline at their convenience. During the download process, users also have the flexibility to pause and resume as needed.

With a vast audio library and rapid download speeds, Vidmate App has risen to become the most renowned and frequently downloaded application worldwide. Vidmate Apk consistently provides users with the latest versions, ensuring they stay up-to-date.

Vidmate Apk simplifies the process of creating a personalized playlist of your favorite songs. Users can download their preferred songs from various social media platforms and curate their own custom playlists. Additionally, Vidmate Apk guarantees that downloaded photos and videos maintain high resolution.

Another standout feature of Vidmate Apk is its capability to download videos, music, and TV shows in the background. Users can initiate downloads, switch to other applications, and allow the download process to seamlessly continue in the background, all without incurring any expenses.


VidMate APK Features
VidMate APK Features

Various Media Resources:

Vidmate Apk provides its users with access to an extensive selection of media content. Users can freely view a diverse range of videos and have the convenience of downloading them for offline enjoyment. This particular feature of Vidmate Apk is undeniably impressive.

Save pictures from social media:

In the realm of social media, numerous users frequently grapple with the dilemma of preserving photos they encounter. Thankfully, Vidmate APK offers a straightforward solution, allowing users to easily download these images in high resolution. Undoubtedly, this feature of Vidmate APK is truly attention-grabbing.

Create Personal Song Lists:

Users of Vidmate Apk have the advantage of accessing a remarkable feature that allows them to create personalized song playlists. This feature caters to the preferences of individuals who enjoy compiling lists of their favorite songs, providing them with the ability to download songs from the outstanding Vidmate Apk application.

Convert Video Song to Audio:

Numerous music enthusiasts enjoy creating song lists, typically in audio or MP3 format. However, a common hurdle they encounter is the conversion of video songs into audio. Vidmate Apk addresses this challenge effectively by providing users with the seamless ability to convert video songs into MP3 format. This standout feature of Vidmate Apk not only allows users to curate their preferred playlists but also garners significant appeal among a wide-ranging user community.

Download Anything With high resolution:

Many people utilize various apps to download photos from social media, but a common challenge arises when they can’t obtain these photos or videos in high resolution. Vidmate apk effectively resolves this issue by enabling users to download any video or photo in very high resolution. This remarkable feature distinguishes Vidmate apk as an exceptionally advanced application, setting it apart from the rest.

Fast Downloading:

The capacity to watch videos and listen to music offline stands as one of Vidmate apk’s most notable features. In contrast to numerous social media applications with slow download speeds, Vidmate apk ensures swift downloads for videos and photos. This remarkable attribute distinguishes Vidmate apk as a standout application.

New Features of Vidmate 2023:

New Features of Vidmate 2023:
New Features of Vidmate 2023:

Exploring Video Sites:

Vidmate apk offers an impressive search functionality that empowers users to effortlessly find their desired video sites. This feature enhances user experience, enabling them to discover a wide variety of videos, songs, and other content with ease.

Extensive Site Compatibility:

In contrast to many other applications with limited site support, Vidmate apk boasts compatibility with a wide range of platforms. This extensive site compatibility ensures users have access to a diverse selection of content sources.

Efficient Multi-Item Downloads:

In the world of internet applications, the ability to download multiple items simultaneously is highly sought after. Vidmate apk excels in this aspect, allowing users to download numerous photos, videos, songs, and more concurrently. This time-saving functionality makes downloads exceptionally fast and efficient, rendering Vidmate apk’s feature truly outstanding.

Background Downloading:

Vidmate apk stands out with its exceptional feature that permits background downloads of videos and songs. Unlike many other applications that demand users to keep the app open during downloads, Vidmate apk enables users to initiate a download and continue using other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, or games without interruption. This distinctive feature appeals to a diverse and sizable user community.

Pause and Resume Downloads:

In contrast to some social media apps where downloads are irreversible, Vidmate apk offers the valuable ability to pause and resume downloads of videos, pictures, and songs. This pause and resume functionality is not only impressive but also highly practical, allowing users to halt downloads at their discretion. This aspect of Vidmate apk significantly enhances its utility.

Up-to-Date Application:

One common grievance with apps is the lack of timely updates. However, Vidmate apk ensures user engagement and satisfaction by consistently providing regular updates. This commitment to remaining up-to-date ensures users have access to the latest features and improvements, keeping the application fresh and engaging.

Live TV Streaming:

Vidmate apk distinguishes itself by providing access to over 200 channels, including popular ones like Zee TV, Star World, Channel V, Sony TV, Sab TV, and Sahara Online. All shows receive frequent updates and function seamlessly within the application, delivering an impressive live TV viewing experience directly on users’ devices.

Secure Downloaded Items:

While many apps facilitate downloads, Vidmate apk sets itself apart by offering a unique feature to secure downloaded items. Users can lock and safeguard their downloaded images, videos, and songs, preventing them from being automatically transferred to the device’s gallery. This exclusive feature enhances privacy and security, making Vidmate apk a preferred choice for users who value their data.

Multilingual Support:

Vidmate apk is designed to cater to a diverse global audience, offering support for more than 18 languages, including English, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and more. This extensive language support ensures that users from various regions can effortlessly navigate and enjoy all the remarkable features of the application. Vidmate apk’s multicultural approach makes it accessible and appealing to a broad user base.


Vidmate Apk isn’t just an app; it’s your gateway to an enhanced and seamless media experience. Elevate your video and music downloads to new heights with Vidmate Apk, the ultimate video and music companion. Download Vidmate Apk now and embark on a journey of endless entertainment possibilities.

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